Our Story


Pluto (Dino's Son)


DreamBark began as a child's dream to one day have the perfect dog. That dog's name was Dino. He was kind, loving, and full of joy. For many families the year 2020 was very tough. Our family was hit with devastation when we found out that our beloved Dino had cancer and he unfortunately died that same year. We wanted to continue his legacy and spread that same joy Dino brought us.  DreamBark is run by dog owners and lovers, so we make it our full time job to make sure we give our pets the best products on the market. DreamBark curates collections with a keen and alert eye on each product and service.

DreamBark is dedicated to making every moment with your four legged family member be memorable. Family is very important to us. Your pets deserve the best, and we love them just as much as you do! To provide you with the dog products you need at prices you can afford. No worries, no tricks, no strings. All tested. We promise that all of our product descriptions are completely accurate, so you're never surprised by what you receive.